Blazing Meteors Pro Elf Team

The Blazing Meteors Team miniatures are casted in metal or resin at a 32mm scale and supplied unpainted.
Blazing Meteors Pro Elf Team 15: 79,95€
(2 blitzers, 2 throwers, 4 catchers, 7 linemen)
Hypnotic Gaze Elf Star Player: 7,95€
Blazing Meteors Premium Box: 40€
(28 slots foam tray, double-sided gameboard & 2 double-sided dugouts)
Kicker Pro Elf Player7,95€
(includes pro elf shoulder pad)
Wardancer Wood Elf Star Player: 7,95€
Pro Elf Pack: 115€
(Premium Box + Pro Elf Team 15)
The Twins Elf Star Players: 15,95€
Blitzer Dark Elf Star Player: 7,95€