Iron Forgers Dwarf Team

All the Iron Forgers Dwarf Team miniatures are casted in metal at a 28mm scale and are supplied unpainted.
Iron Forgers Fantasy Football Dwarf Team 15: 79,95€
(2 blitzers, 2 runners, 2 slayers, 8 blockers, 1 captain)
Slayer Pack: 14,95€
Blocker Pack III: 14,95€
Bazooka Dwarf Star Player: 7,95€
Chainsaw Dwarf Star Player: 7,95€
Sacred Comissioner Rozel: 7,95€
Blitzer Pack: 14,95€
Blocker Pack I: 14,95€
Deathroller - Slayerdozer: 14,95€
Slayer Dwarf Star Player: 7,95€
Dara the Slayer Dwarf Star Player: 7,95€
Pride the Dwarf Cheerleader: 7,95€
Iron Forgers Full Pack: 150€
(2 blitzers, 2 runners, 2 slayers, 8 blockers, a Team Captain, both Deathroller models, the Dwarf Star Players Pack, a Pride the Cheerleader and a Sacred Comissioner Rozel)
Runner Pack: 14,95€
Blocker Pack II: 14,95€

Deathroller - Dwarven Golem: 16,95€
Bomber Dwarf Star Player: 7,95€
Dwarf Star Players Pack: 34,95€
(Chainsaw, Bomber, Bazooka, Slayer and Dara)
Dwarf Team Captain: 7,95€