The Fantasy Football Pro Box accesory is a portable case containing everything you need to play Fantasy Football games.   A wonderful stadium with its field and bleachers, magnetic scoreboards and markers, a double-sided gameboard, foam trays to transport your miniatures and transforming into benches when in play, dice... All of this easily folded and placed to fit in a box! 

We developed a successful crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter and a lot of improvements for the Pro Box were unlocked as stretch goals or proposed as add-ons to the backers pledges. Take a look at the kickstarter for full details, pictures and videos of this awesome product!

The Pro Box is available at our store in two different bundles although only until the end of existences. We can't guarantee the permanent stock due to the high minum number of units required for production. Don't miss the opportunity to get one before it runs out!

Watch the video and learn more about the Pro Box!