"This is our product range for Fantasy Football accesories, made to improve your gaming experience. Among others, we introduce an innovative an elegant system to represent the skill progression for your team players or mark their position on your roster, the Skill X Markers. Below you can download for free a brochure explaining the colour codes. Other accesories include double sided gameboards, tokens sets to represent the benefits you can purchase before matches and conditions suffered in game by some players, cardboard scenery to dress your pitch so it gets a stadium look and including a shrine devoted to the Forgotten God of Football that works as a dice tower!"

Skill X Markers

We introduce a new system of markers with which you can differentiate your players. Which player has block? Who has guard? With the X Markers you can mark up to two skills or abilities per player or use them to better differenciate positions on the pitch. 

It is an easy system that adapts to the base of your miniatures. There are two different pieces that fit perfectly to function as one. You can use both at the same time or only one. Combine colors or use just one. To fit the marker just press it to the base until you hear a click and flex it slightly with your hand to release it. 

The set consists of five pairs of pieces from eight different colors (red, white, green, yellow, grey, blue, orange and purple) and are available for 25mm and 32mm bases. You can download this brochure with the info on the skills and positions code we propose.

https://sites.google.com/site/irongolemsminiatures/products/accesories/Brochure_1.jpg?attredirects=0      https://sites.google.com/site/irongolemsminiatures/products/accesories/Brochure_2.jpg?attredirects=0

Tokens Set
An easy way to represent all the inducements you may use in a Fantasy Football match plus the different conditions that some players may suffer along the game! This set of cardboard tokens printed in both sides contain sixteen inducement tokens and eight field tokens.   


Double-sided cardboard pitches with 29mm squares presenting different thematics to suit the different teams. At this moment we've two models available for a total of four different terrains. Our game boards come folded in eight (19,5 x 26 cm folded) for easy transportation and to perfectly fit in our Pro Box. 

Grass & Dungeon

Forest & Graveyard


Scenery Pack
Improve the look of your playing field with this pack of cardboard scenery. Originally developed for the Pro Box, this set can be used with any gameboard to add more flavor to your games of Fantasy Football. Even more, some of it's elemments can be customized so they wear your team's colors and logo.

Furthemore, the pack also includes a thematized dice tower, the Shrine of the Forgotten God of Football! With a great design and fully functional, this element stands out in the playing area.